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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread







I think that if a director needs to explain part of his movie in an interview, he’s possibly not done a very good job in the movie :wink:


In fairness, we’ve only seen half of it so far.


I just re-watched this… hum…

So, yeah, unfortunately, the parts that didn’t work for me in the theater still bothered me on a second viewing… mainly some of the joke scenes that honestly just didn’t land for me and kinda broke the tone and pace… =/

And I did notice on second viewing some scenes are a bit too long… particularly both Quill/Gamora scenes and the Wanda/Vision in Wakanda… They dragged those a little bit longer than they needed to, felt too forced.

Lastly, some of the action is not really all that great, lots of lazy edits and usual stuff like that, although the action is compensated with some AMAZING scenes, particularly anything involving Thanos using the gauntlet… I wish there had been more of that and even weirder.

But anyways, in general, a 2nd viewing at home didn’t really change my mind all that much about either the things I liked and the things I hated. The movie’s got A LOT of flaws, but I kinda don’t care 'cause I love so much that they made it about Thanos and that (besides his gigantic size and generic armour*) they got him right, even if not exactly like the CBs.

So yeah, I still think it’s not the best SH movie, or even the best Marvel/MCU movie… but damnit, it’s probably my favorite, just cause of that lovely ending with my favorite titan :heart:

*I do really wonder wtf is up with the size scaling for villains… why do they always make they huge? Noticed the same thing in the new Venom trailer… he’s also gigantic… =/

And as for the armour, I don’t know why they changed the design… I mean, yes I do: Toys… but come on… the one in GotG was perfect =(


Regards watched it for the third time.
It’s an ok film, there are some great bits in it but I’m amazed how much I dislike the GotG.
Keep Rocket and Gamora and dump the rest into space.

Here’s hoping they can stick the landing on the second part


So, help me out. Is this worth $22 on digital? Yes, it comes with all the extras. Haven’t seen this or Black Panther yet. Pop for this or wait for the price drop?


Wait for the price drop.


I liked it, but watching at home? I’d wait for watch at home prices.


…and watch Black Panther first. It’s not essential but your relationship with Wakanda and the characters will be that much stronger.


Okay, rent BP, wait for Glove. Thanks!


Yeah me too… They almost ruined the movie for me… I really despised Star Lord, teen groot, Drax & poor Mantis… Even Rocket and Gamorah had some painful scenes…

I know it’s kind of a shitty thing to say, but I really hope they don’t re-hire Gunn for GotG3… at least not for the script… u_u


I got the Blu-Ray this week and I think the film really holds up on a second viewing. I’ll agree that the Guardians are bit too irritating (one of the deleted scenes would have really amped that up) but the only bit that really doesn’t work for me is DInklage as the troll guy, whose voice is too similar to the one Starlord puts on earlier to imitate Thor.

The BD special features didn’t bowl me over (not listened to the audio commentary yet). The featurettes initially seem entirely like fluff - just clips and soundbites, but they get a bit of meat to them toward the end, going into the production of the Wakanda and Titan locations. But there’s nothing with the massive scope you got for Iron Man 1.

It was interesting to see a deleted scene with Happy though. Poor Favreau, got completely cut out of the movie.

Watching it again, I still think Avengers 4 will have the Vision rebuilt in (a version of) his bland, colourless design from the late 80s/early 90s and I’m starting to think we might end up with some kind of Smart Hulk form as Banner tries to get him to help out. (I have no idea if there’s any kind of leaks or reports to contradict this).


Yeah those were my two predictions when I finished watching it in the theater.


Yep. It’s not just Dinklage, though, for me. The whole plot thread seems way too silly, like something from a D&D campaign.


Or it could be they really wanted to show Thor taking Odin’s spot as Big Chief Badass and able to stand up to Thanos, but clunked along doing it and did not write nor shoot it all that particularly well.

Saw the danged thing three times until I figured out Idri had his hands messed up. Totally the fault of director, lighting, camera…


I didn’t necesarily mind Dinklage, however yeah that whole side-plot was not very well thought out… It didn’t really serve a purpose, since Thor didn’t really manage to either kill Thanos or save the day with his new hammer… and they basically undid all of Ragnarok’s character developement.

It would’ve made more sense for Thor to go on that quest in A4… since his return with his new-found thunder powers would’ve been equally as bad-ass… I did like the interactions between RR & Thor though so I would’ve kept them going separately on their small ship, but towards earth instead… then use that remaining time to either build up Viz & Wanda more, or just SHOW THE DESTRUCTION OF XANDAR!!! :smile: