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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


Gotta admit, this conversation had me thinking:



Is that because he had the Time stone?


And used magic?


Tiramisu is actually Italian for Time Stone.


Especially if it just sits out on the counter too long.


Have some sympathy for me.
I’ll be up-to-date sometime next week.


Dude… it’s just a get out of jail free card for lazy writing. They threw that in there just so whenever anyone questions why the heroes did or didn’t do this or that, they can just say, Strange already saw that and it wouldn’t have worked. This friggin’ movie had like 700 characters. Nobody’s got time to pull a well constructed screenplay out of that mess.


Oh please, no!


Oh, okay. I guess you’re right.


Okay, phew. I made it.

This movie has been out for a while now, but I’ve still only seen it once. I’m debating seeing it one more time before it leaves the cinemas, but this isn’t one with much repeat viewing appeal for me. I think that’s probably because it focuses a lot on Thanos (and I appreciated them making him work, because without him, who knows whether the house of cards would all come down), lecturing Gamora about his stupid motivation then beating superheroes to a pulp. I thought the movie became repetitive with scenes of torture or Thanos threatening loved ones to get the stones. He’s not a very creative guy, and the moral conflict never seems to develop from there, no matter who it’s presented to.

Some of the callbacks to earlier MCU movies felt like they were trying to be cute or trading on nostalgia that nobody in the world has had time to build up yet, with these movies never leaving the pop culture horizon for more than three or four months. Loki saying “We have a Hulk” is kind of what I’m talking about. The Guardians were still great though, even if they split the team up. In fact, their first appearance in this was when I began to get into the movie. In that respect it’s nice to see Gamora shine, even if Drax isn’t really the destroyer. I can’t imagine Thanos ever sparing him a thought, or respecting him in the same way that he does Tony Stark.

For a movie with so many effects, why do none of them look particularly great? The Wakanda stuff here was a big step up from the shoddy CG from Black Panther, but nothing made me think wow like some of the moments in Guardians 2. Also, where was Daniel Kaluuya with his rhinos? Has this been answered by the directors online yet? It felt like an odd omission but I suppose that Marvel could comfortably fit a Black Panther trilogy before Infinity War ever happens and explain his absence that way.

I get that all of the points that I’ve mentioned have been discussed up-thread, but what’s the point of reading over 700 posts if I won’t say what I think?


I think there was a line in the movie about those of the border tribe that survived the fight in BP being there. Which I guess means that a great lot of people actually died in that big fight, meaning that Kaluuya and his rhinos are presumably sitting in a little cell somewhere.

I think this is one of those things where they didn’t follow up on one movie well - same as with half of Asgard getting killed - because Black Panther actually made sure to not show anyone dying in that fight and ended on what felt like reconciliation.


I think this is probably in part because the productions overlapped; Infinity War was being written while Black Panther and Ragnarok were filming, so some stuff probably changed and didn’t quite line up right.


Yeah, I also thought it was weird that they weren’t using the vibranium hologram design from BP but went with normal holograms instead; I guess that’s also the explanation for that.


Well there are tons of inconsistencies throughout the movies, so what’s a couple more? =P


Exactly, they are shit at continuity, nobody even noticed Black Widow’s hair changed colour and Captain America doesn’t have a beard!


She’s called Sharon Carter!


That’s because it’s a different Black Widow.


Honestly, I am sick of Marvel changing characters for the sake of diversity. They’re just pandering to the blonde snowflakes who want someone they can identify with. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against blondes (I have a blonde friend!), but Marvel should have made a new blonde character instead of messing with Black Widow.


Yeah? And who would that be, exactly?


They live in Canada. You don’t know them.