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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


I prefer the term “rationally challenged”.


I think magic is like Google. You say, “Ok magic, show me all possible futures. Ok magic, remove all the ones that are just porn.” Then you only read the first page of results, click a couple that sound close, and hey presto!


The thing to remember too David is that he has the TIME stone, oh and also he does magic.

These are crucial scientific elements that Christian is missing.


That would certianly explain the rather precise “results count” :smile:

Nah, nah… I don’t care about magic or time stones… NO ONE has the mental capacity of counting up to 14 million… u_u

okay, maaaaaaaaaaybe with the mind stone… but that he did not have… so niet :stuck_out_tongue:


I could do it, given enough time. I don’t have enough time but I heard a rumour Dr Strange has a TIME STONE!


Especially if you had a bit of magic to help you out.


Magic and a TIME stone I think.


In retrospect, it’s pretty amazing that Strange managed to count up to 14 million without either of those.


Seriously? Without going mad? You could do that?

(Hooray! With any luck, we can keep this going for weeks!)


Without a time stone? I doubt it.


I predict 14 million posts before this matter is settled. I know the final result as I have a greater mental fortitude than our German friend.


Personally, I think the only way to resolve this is to start a kickstarter that will fund a project in which somebody is paid decent money to count up to 14 million. We’ll have to figure out how to keep him awake until he’s finished, but other than that it should be a piece of cake.


Set the funding target at $14m, that way someone has to count it and it is all beyond rational debate.


Sure, a few thousand a day, write the end number down on some paper, piece of piss. With control over time I would break that tedium with visits to water parks and the theatre, my mental health would be amazing.


I mean, subjectively, Strange almost certainly did that didn’t he?

Count a few million apocalyptic outcomes, stop for a sudoku, that sort of thing.


Absolutely, I think some very nice desserts too.


Isn’t that how you spend your day already?


Minus the tedious counting, yes.


I think the counting would be less tedious if you used magic.


Or if you spend all your TIME STONEd.