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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


Perhaps he got killed 14 million different ways?



nah he didn’t need to peek at each of those, just locate the one alternate future in which he isn’t dust or a corpse in the nearby future =P

MY pet peeve is that he actually counted them… now, THAT would’ve taken him months… so that’s bullshit… :smile:


I bet he only checked a dozen and was exaggerating.


Doctor Strange is Doctor Strange partly because of his strength of mind…

But I too thought, that’s a lot and could easily send a man crazy… but if he invoked an omniptent being to view those futures then his view of time changes in any case. I think, as weilder of the Time stone, mastery over time extends to perception of it, but I was unable to find a source for that. I’m sure it’s been mention somewhere and is cannon though.


Hah! It’s awesome that you actually found a workable alternative to my geeky pet peeve in Marvel lore.

We are such nerds, sometimes even I am astonished.


Filling plot holes is my number 1 hobby. I once wrote an article citing all the ‘historical inaccuracies’ in Episodes 1-3 of Star Wars. :joy:


He had to look at 16 million alternatives until he found the only one that worked.


Magic + Infinity Stone = running your brain like a quantum computer. Stretch your mind into other dimensions and run the sequences in parallel.

Turning a quibble into a qubit, if you will.


This falls under the “time travel doesn’t work that way!” thing that always makes me laugh. We don’t know how the Time Stone works, so it’s entirely possible it DOES change the mental time he has to spend.


It’s the time stone. Christian is just nuts.




How do you know? How many time stones have you possessed?


OMG Christian has the time stone!


Correction: He will have had the Time Stone.


Once I had the Time Stone will go forward to normal.


I’d like to think it works a little bit like this…


Got any oversized gloves lying around Christian? For fucks sakes don’t do it, there is room in the universe for everybody! The universe is really big!


I think Christian is more Galactus than Thanos.


My own tweet from earlier:

Was ripping some old cds tonight and found Trent Reznor didn't survive Infinity Wars... #nin #InfinityWar #MarvelComics #withteeth

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