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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


fun fact, those oven mits had to be recalled 'cause they’re no safe for handling hot stuff… also, they’re for the right hand, so they’re utterly useless and misguided =P






By Stephen Byrne


It looks like Captain Marvel is farting Nick Fury.


I am actively resisting the urge to make a filk parody of Blondie’s “Rapture” called “Snapture.”


Resistance Is Futile.




My absolute favourite bit of the movie
I even yelled out “F#*k yeah!”


This is my favourite infinity war meme now.


I went to see it again with my wife last night. My 2nd trip and her first. The crowd full-on cheered when Thor showed up.

Personally, I think it could have stood one more round of Immigrant Song. :slight_smile:


Never did much like Immigrant Song - or Led Zep III for that matter (except for ‘Gallows Pole’, and that was done much better on No Quarter) - until Ragnarok.

That was one pricey tune to use!


I’ve loved Immigrant Song since deejay Allison Steele (the Nightbird) played it as part of her Halloween night show in 1977.


One thing I liked is that though Thor is not the sharpest guy in the movie, he actually has the best plan. Forget trying to keep the infinity gems away from Thanos. Just find something to kill him.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one.


Except he fails at it.


Though the fact that he almost managed it means that either the gauntlet is not as OP as in the comicbooks, or Thanos didn’t really know what he was doing =P

But it did make for a great moment, so there’s that… “Should’ve aimed for the head… snap


Might have hurt the box office for the next movie if he’d been successful.