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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread



Yeah we’ve known that for a while… apparently Gunn is gonna use him in gotg3, which worries me a lot… but he, we’ll see… I just hope I get to see a movie with Adam & Thanos at some point =P





That’s not even close to his best scene.



I thought it was quite good :slight_smile:


My friends are sending me links to Thanos beefcake.

I’m not mad. :slight_smile: LOL!



I LOVE the first 30 minutes or so. It sorta lost me after that. For some reason, I have a feeling I’ll like the next one a lot more.

What is Thanos’ motive? He wants to wipe out most of the world and start it over? Kinda like a Ra’s Al Ghul thing? I got so distracted by the overabundance of dark CGI planets that looked indistinguishable from each other that I couldn’t always pay attention.



It’s a resources problem. Thanos believes that the universe is heading for a crisis with too many beings using up too few resources, and that if there isn’t a cull then there will be a population crash that causes untold suffering.

It’s nuts, but it’s drawn from some environmental concerns in the real world.


I’m hoping the Capt. Marvel movie will give this issue a little bit more context… if it turns out the Kree & Skrull empires are spiraling out of control, it’d give a bit more cred to Thanos’ rationale… and it’s entirely possible the Kree/Skrull war has been having devastating effects in the universe.


Or it’s entirely possible that they wont be interested in addressing it at all and we can just go with ‘Thanos is cracked’ as an explanation.

Because most people aren’t going to care about interstellar politics (see ‘The Phantom Menace’ etc.),

We need an absolute minimum of that stuff to set up what we paid to see; the superhero action adventures in space!

That’s what we got here. Thanos looked at his home world and came up with a radical solution, which he now wants to roll out across the universe.

Has in fact done so; the next film is going to reverse that, and if he’s right, if this is the best way to deal with any problems that are occuring, he stops being the villain and reversing his horrible scheme becomes a bad thing.

Which is a different story;


It’s just ironic that even when he has to sacrifice his own daughter he doesn’t care that his solution…also causes massive devastation that will be felt for generations. I mean, we still yammer about the Black Plague, don’t we? I mean, “yammer” is a bad term…I would not enjoy living through those times. Well, you get my point…


Why does it need more context? Thanos already said it was happening on Gamora’s planet when he came there and now that world is a paradise because of what he did. We’re given two examples in the film, Titan and Gamoras planet, plenty of context.


I’d love to actually see Gamora’s home planet to see what paradise looks like to Thanos. Because I’m not sure I actually believe him. But I agree that no other context is needed. Honestly, outside of Titan no other context is needed. Thanos saw his planet was in serious trouble, proposed a solution, it was rejected and the planet is now dead. It’s enough context to understand Thanos’ obsession with destroying half the universe.


What he really needs is some kind of magic item of clothing capable of creating all those resources that the other half of the universe needs.

An ‘Eternity Sock’ or something like that.


I mean, Gamora doesn’t deny that it’s a paradise. She just complains that he killed half the planet to achieve it.