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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


The movie comes out around the world on different days this week, and critics see it for the first time tonight, so if you want to remain as spoiler-free as possible, probably stay out of this thread.


Will be seeing it Thursday night!


This thread is about to become a black hole, inexorably drawing in fans whose ability to resist will be taxed by their addition to knowing stuff. :slight_smile:


Apart from our often absent chum who saw it months ago, who will get to see this first?

I am in for a very early 11.05am GMT showing on Wednesday (I was actually surprised it was available before Thursday). Two hours or so after that we are at risk of genuine spoilers in this thread to give fair warning.


The Australians and New Zealanders I think. It opens there on the 25th (Wednesday) and the timezone gives them the edge, especially in New Zealand.


I was thinking more specifically to the thread. I have accidentally wandered in before when it was still in speculation mode to be hit by a spoiler review.


Andrew mentioned a while back that he was thinking of catching it early on the 25th I think.

To be honest, either way you often see spoilers start doing the rounds as soon as screenings have begun anywhere. So to be 100% safe it’s probably best to stay out until you’ve seen it. That’s what I’m going to do as of now.


Just in case, and if nobody has else has done it first, I’ll preface my review with a big “Spoilers Start Here” kind of thing. Some people live life on the edge.



It’s showing every 30 mins from 10.00 am tomorrow (Wednesday) here. It’s 4.00 pm Tuesday as I write this.

That said, it’s a public holiday tomorrow so most reasonable sessions will be sold out - I haven’t jumped at the chance to buy tickets, and am in no rush.


Comparing it to the airport fight scene doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.



Heh, so I see it is indeed “part 1” (surpise!!! not)… pfff why the hell have they been so coy about it? u_u

Oh also, going friday night… tbh I’m not that excited about it… I’m just hoping they do Thanos justice, and I’m curious to see how many of my predictions come true, although I guess most of my predicition should come into play on the next one =P


They changed it from part 1 and 2 in the title because there’s a spoiler type title for the second one. They still filmed them back to back and are releasing them a year apart so pretty obvious they were going to lead straight into one another.


Well not for many people who are still speculating on Secret Invasion and other stuff… for some reason =/

Do we know the title already? Is it spoilery? I’m betting on something like Infinity Gauntlet or something anti-climatic like that… :smile:


They probably won’t say it until after Ant-Man and the Wasp.


Those people were too into their speculation to listen to me!

Kevin Feige, the man who brought the idea of 7-8 year plans to the movie business, is still unsure of the title of a film already wrapped up shooting and scheduled for release? :wink:


Real Actual Spoilers Start Here

(at Gar’s request!)

I wasn’t going to come back to this thread until after I’d seen the movie, but I can’t really mention this anywhere else.

Browsing comics sites at lunchtime I just saw the headline and opening paragraph of text for a story saying that there’s a US tv spot doing the rounds now which indicates that Loki gets killed in the movie.

(I’ll put that in spoiler tags just in case anyone is still reading and wants a last chance to look away.)

It’s a bit irritating that they’d spoil something like that in an advert, knowing that it will get picked up by news sites and the like.

Presumably it happens pretty early on in the movie (I can’t believe the ads would spoil something that’s a late development). But still, pretty ironic given all the urging fans to keep the movie’s secrets.

Anyway, I guess I have another couple of days of trying to avoid this kind of thing now.


I appreciate you looking out for everyone but if they’re in the thread that states there will be spoilers and they complain about being spoiled, I have no sympathy for them.



Anybody remember where Fluffy the Dog-Dragon lived on The Munsters?