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AVAILABLE ARTIST [ comic book, illustration e a lot more ]


Hi guys,

I have just finished a project with a writer met here in MillarWorld, the book will soon be published digitally on Comixology and now I’m free to accept any commission you guys have for me.

If you have a story that you’d like to illustrate or any project you want to develop, here’s your man!
Please see some of my work and don’t forget to check me out on the links you’ll find below. Thanks for the support.

and here’s a bit of color




Do you like Bigfoot?


Yes, Why not! Why you asked?


Just one of the projects I want to work on. I can’t pay anything, mind you.


Well, the all point is getting some income…but tell me more about your project what you will do with it if it’ll be published, where etc. etc. Thanks


Great-looking stuff. What are your rates?


I get it. The idea would be to put together a sample we could shop around. I actually have another idea called Oddity that would be a kind of real world X-Men, where people who might ordinarily have ended up in a circus are being recruited by a wealthy recluse, for reasons other than they appear. A story featuring less Bigfoot and more people would complement your style.


Thank you very much! Tell me what you’are interested, pencils only, pencils and inks. Please contact me on, this way I can keep my emails tidy and reply right away. Thanks


I’ll see what I can but I must prioritize paid jobs first.


Well, sure.


BTW feel free to send a rough of you script if you want. Thanks


Will do. The script sample I have is for the Bigfoot story.


Hey there – excellent, excellent stuff. What are your rates? And are there bulk deals (say, a 300-page graphic novel?) Do the rates vary depending on the amount of panels per page? Cheers!


Thank you very much for the kind words! Please contact me on my email This way I won’t miss any of your messages as I receive notifications on my phone. Yes there are bulk deals and of course, if I’m doing something like 300 pages I will definitely adjust my price but before talking about the actual price, I’d really like if you tell me something more about the story and what you want me to do, I mean, only pencils, pencils and inks and if there will be colors. Feel free to tell me if you have in mind a budget.
Thanks again and I hope to hear from you.


Sorry I have missed answering one of your questions regarding the rates varying according to panels. Usually not, I do not change the price regarding a number of panels on a page, the price will stay the same for all the pages. Cheers.



Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but I’ve just sent you an email now; if it doesn’t get to you, or you have any other questions, let me know.