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Attack of the Un-undead: a zombie comedy in four pages


Hey guys just wanted to share with you a short comic I just completed with artist Josh spencer.

Script by me and art and lettering by Josh Spencer

As always would love your constructive criticism and feedback.


Really good strip guys!
I never knew the undead had feelings! :laughing:
Arts and writing lovely, so is the lettering.
If I had to have a gripe, there is one panel that doesn’t work for me…
Page 4, panel 3…
The chap swinging the axe decapitating ge zombie head.
His position doesn’t look right to me.
He is standing in a ready position, yet you have the “action” swoosh that he has swung…
To me, not working, it loses the energy.
Either need to be passed the decap or mid way through :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Apart from that, really impressed.
Now make more.


Oh no, poor things. This is great! “Children giggling and playing.” Got a solid giggle out of me. And “This used to be my home.” Was as humorous as it was a bummer.


Thanks man! So glad to hear you got a laugh out of it. It was a lot of fun to write, especially the zombie dialouge.


Thanks so much for giving it a read and the feedback. Really valid point, I always struggle scripting action -often comes across as static instead of fluid so will keep working on it! Got a few other scripts in the works and will hopefully have another short comic out by the end of the year :slight_smile:


Interesting propaganda piece.
You just be one of them liberals that think we have a chance at rehabilitation with the Undead.
Nice piece if you buy into that hippy trash.

Now from a purely practical piont. A Molotov should never be used In close confines like this unless you’ve exhausted all other options amd have entered the “We’re fucked!” portion of your life.

And most definitly not in a location you’re looking to make camp in. Dead seldom die quickly from fire. and having a moving target that’s now doing a Johnny Storm impression does not a fun evening make.

Nevermind the smell. But the hassle of cleaning up smouldering bodies is never worth it. I know the movies make it look cool. But really should only be employed when the dead are contained amd theirs no risk of spreading the blaze. And you don’t have the time or strength to take care of them individually.

Molotov are far better used against still breathing foes as the fear of fire is great motivator to not follow or just get the fuck out . Plus burning people don’t have as much fight as burning Zee’s

You got to be smarter when Z-day does happen people.