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Atomik Mike - Our Comic, Serialized.


A few years ago we published an all-ages comic named Atomik Mike. It had spaceships, pirates, monkeys, robots, and other things everyone loves.

Here’s the pitch:
Mike had everything; a fast ship, a great girlfriend and even a cool nickname. The only thing he is missing is his human body. Transformed into a monkey by an arch-rival, Captain Tariq, Mike continues to search the galaxy for a cure for his condition all while still turning a profit as a space hauler and salvager. Join Mike, April, Blog and the rest of the crew as they take over the galaxy one cargo load at a time.

Not many people bought it at the time. (The publisher was tiny.) But for the last little while, we’ve been serializing it on the internet. Thought I’d share it on Millarworld to see what you guys and gals think.

You can read it here:
Line Webtoon
Smack Jeeves


I remember I coloured this one for you…! :slight_smile: