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Aspiring comic artist over here!


Hello everyone! My name is Jose and i begin this thread because i´d like to know your opinion about my artworks. It could be great if you give me some feedback, i´m aspiring comic artist.
Here´s some samples of what i can do. I want to work making comics like penciler, or colorist. Please let me know what do you think?
Also i´d like to know how can i promote myself and what websites or forums i can use to find collaborations or paid jobs. Thank you in advance!


Your art is beautiful. I am not an artist myself, but I think you do very well with the Anatomy and perspective. A few things are a bit jarring to me though. The building in panel 2 just looks like a flat wall and not a building, almost as if it is cardboard Hollywood prop scenery. Also the gradient on the road/sidewalk in panel 3 does’t really fit with the rest of the panel. The rest of panel 3 is very detailed, but the sidewalk and road are not and it just looks off to me, like it’s unfinished. Lastly, I don’t think the lettering fits the art. Your art is very clean and the lettering looks a bit sloppy compared to it. I honestly like the lettering, but I don’t think it fits with art as clean as yours.

Like I said, I’m not an artist so my critique may be way off, but as an avid comics reader, that’s what stood out to me. That being said, I’m very impressed and I’m sure there are many writers out there who would love for you to turn their words into imagery. If I produce a script that I’m looking for an artist on I’ll absolutely keep you in mind.


Your picture of Rouge looks fantastic. The sequential pages aren’t bad. You do seem to have a bit of an issue with perspective. So I would work on that. As to your questions.

Also i´d like to know how can i promote myself and what websites or forums i can use to find collaborations or paid jobs. Thank you in advance!

You can promote yourself here, DeviantArt and Pencil Jack. You should also create yourself a Facebook page and tumblr or Instagram account or both. I would even create a twitter account. It’s probably best to cover as much ground on social media as you can. lol


Pencil Jack-


Thank you so much! Is very kind of yours give me that feedback! :slight_smile: i appreciate all. I guess i have some troubles doing backgrounds, i want to improve this topic. But seriously is getting better since two or three months. Thanks again @craguecook


Hello @MAL thank you! :smiley: It`s great to know you liked my drawings, yes i have some issues with perspective… i guess there still so many. Thanks for the suggestions! I already have DeviantArt but is not so much about comics, it´s more like pinups illustrations i did before. Thanks again for answered my post!


You’re very welcome! Also I should share these free PDF versions of the Loomis art books:

Jason Brubaker said when he submitted a comic, someone sent him a printed copy of one of these books along with a rejection letter. I would highly recommend checking them out, specifically “Successful Drawing” since it looks like that one deals with perspective and scenery.


Thanks @craguecook for the link :smiley: !! Sure, i will check this out!