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Ashcan Anthology #1 now on Comixology!


Long time no see, boys and girls! I haven’t been involved with this forum as much as I used to be because of a variety of reasons. The most pertinent of which is that I was putting together my own anthology. Yes, I made one, too!

Like many of you, I was inspired by Mr. Millar’s Millarworld talent search to have a go at writing short stories. I wrote several – with the notion of submitting them to 2000AD as “Future Shocks” – but they were unwanted. So, instead of just letting them go to waste, I got together with several artists (all of whom I met here on the forum, by the way) and made my own damn anthology.

And it’s finally up on Comixology. That’s 5, black and white, sci-fi tales for just 99¢! Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Rainy Road Comics on Comixology

If you have any comments, you can hit me up here or @rainyroadcomics



Congrats My man!


Congratulations. Bought it last night… :+1:


Thanks. I appreciate the support. And, feel free to let me know what you thought of it. Even if you hated it. Any feedback would be great.