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Ash vs Evil Dead - TV Series (SPOILERS!!!)


I enjoyed the premiere.

My favorite bit was Ash and his dad discussing his “better, stronger, faster” hand.

A fun start.


I also enjoyed it. I think they’re making an active effort to cover Dana Delorenzo in so much fake blood as to double her weight.


No one in the series gets out of being covered in fluids and other substances multiple times.


Im glad they went with a TV show instead of a movie sequel and even better it seems the ratings for this season have been even higher than last year which is good news. I look forward to more from Ash and CO.


Holy shit, they just out did Agents of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider with the Delta!


Love the PSA at the end.


I fucking love this show. The montage of Ash and the Delta at the start of the ep cracked me up.


It’s gotten to the point where it’s just outstanding in every way now. It’s just effortlessly good.

Lee Majors was brilliant and that last scene was perfect. Ted Raimi was fantastic as well.

I have a little bit of a feeling Lacey might turn out to be Ash’s daughter.



I’ve just realized where I recognize the sheriff from…

It’s Max from Neighbours!!


Starz is making mini side episodes for youtube:

Would you rather?


Beep Beep


Saw episode 1 of season 2 last night, and said, with some disbelief, “Is that Lee Majors?” Then Ash said that line, and we both said “Yes!” :laughing: