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As promised: My last year's submission come to life.


Big Willy here again. Seeing as how another talent search is around the corner, it reminded me that I promised to share something else with the Millarworld forum. I have to stress, without last year’s contest, a lot of what I’m doing now would not have been possible or realized. For this and once again, a BIG WILLY thank you to everyone involved with the annual Millarworld talent search.

I wrote a Hit-Girl script. I noticed some flaws in it after all was said and done, because in truth I wrote it in one night and then submitted it the next day without putting much stock into the contest. Of course, after a while, I began to realize how many creators are out there looking to “break in” to the comics world, so kicked myself thoroughly. Make sure if you enter this year that you don’t make the same mistake I did.

While my Hit-Girl script wasn’t chosen, I felt the story was fun enough to do something with it. So I tweaked and edited it and turned it into an 18th birthday present for my step-daughter. I also decided to turn it into a Retail Exclusive for when Big Willy is sold at comic shops (once I get Big Willy into the shops that is…). I hired Elton Thomasi - a talented artist who I met because of last year’s contest - and voila, KILLHER came to life. Hopefully you’ll see the Hit-Girl influence…

Below is the link where you can read a low-rez version of the story (and you’ll only find this link on Millarworld), BUT, as mentioned, if you purchase a Big Willy comic you will get a physical copy. In fact, I’ll even send you a copy of Killher if you buy Big Willy from my website and you mention you found me on Millarworld:



Gary Mac
GEE Comics