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Artists Needed for Horror Anthology


Hello, if anyone recalls there was a post after the Millarworld Anthology Contest on pulling together the talent on this forum and making an Anthology ourselves. Well, I’m happy to say that the project is well underway, and we have an extremely talented team together. However, we are in need of three more artists. They are five page Horror stories, and the scripts are already written. This project will be creator owned and we will decide on the terms together as a group. If you or anyone you know is interested message me for details.


Man I wish I knew about this, I have a 4 pager already done. That being said if you’re looking for artists I really like the different artist facebook groups. It’s crazy how fast you can find one there.


Hi if this is still on I’d like to know more about it.
Please find below my link and have a look to some of my work. Thanks


We may do another Anthology after we see how this one turns out. I’ll post something here if that happens. And yea,I just discovered the facebook pages. I absolutely love them. I found artists for my own work through those, but I figured since we started this project from the Millarworld community I’d check here first.