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Artist/Writer/Letterer Team ISO Inker and Colorist!


ISO Team Mates! (Inker/Collaborator & Toner/Colorist/Collaborator) for Artist/Writer/Letterer Team

Hello Fellow Creators!

I am Joseph A. Michael (writer/editor/letterer/designer) writer of Only Human, Zorn the Last Zombie, The Waddling Dead and most recently The Atomic Blonde (who recently debuted in AC Comic’s Femforce #174 and continuing in Femforce #177 in December)

I am working with Mike Mez Philips (pencils) on a fantasy/hero tale in the vein of Spawn, that we are temporarily calling Sanitarium.

Mini Synopsis: Jayme, a troubled young man, has spent nearly 2 decades within the borders of 4 white walls. He is an experimental guinea pig of the sinister Dr. Redd. His only release is to escape telepathically manifesting as the vigilante Sanitarium. Sanitarium confronts a decaying city run by warring mob powers. He must come to grips with his alter-ego before it tears him apart and the city becomes a lawless bedlam!

We are currently looking for an inker/finisher and maybe a toner/colorist who can ink/finish and/or tone/color Mike’s pencils below. We need to find someone that is interested in working as part of a team (unpaid collaborator) rather than a contractor/freelancer role. We will be submitting this property to publishers for consideration. If the project gets picked up or otherwise funded receiving a share of the proceeds is reasonable and we are open to negotiation on that point.

The 1st issue is 23 pages, of which 14 penciled pages are completed.

Please contact me with any interest or referrals you may have in mind. We prefer you to have some inking/toning/coloring experience with sequentials or that you are a quick learner.

We hope this collaboration will open up more doors for everyone involved with the team.

Thanks for your attention!