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Artist wanted - must enjoy drawing dogs


‪Anyone like drawing dogs?‬
‪Looking for an artist for a 4 page short story.
£50 per page. ‬

drop me your references below.



you can PM me on facebook @rod_espinosa

Good luck with the search!


my email address is


@abobarin-ayoade probably a good idea to show a link to your sequential art work.
Unfortunately from what you posted I have no idea what you are capable of.

#6 sorry im still looking for my work featuring dogs


hello pls check out my sample art. this is a character profile sneak preview sheet for a comic i just did for LIGHTHOUSE COMIC STUDIO titled INK the main character is AJ & his talking dog. many thanx :slight_smile:


Apologies. An artist has been found .

Mods @Jim can you please close this thread for me?