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Artist seeking people to collaborate on submissions!


HI!, name’s Nicolas Cerone, i’m from Argentina. studied at National university of arts.
I have Plenty experience as Concept artist, character designer, Ilustrator,
storyboarding & comic book artist.

I’ve been working in Zenescope, Forrest publishing & Destiny Entertaiment.

It is my intention to form a group of artists and writers to upload submissions to different publishers.

Some samples of my work.


That sounds good to me! I’m new to sequential art and would like to join you…I can help out after august 15 just finishing off 2 personal projects… you can see samples of my art at


Do you want scripts to play with? Feel free to browse the Write Offs!


hey! hi thank you? where’re they?


Great! thank you! i’m actually making the art (pencils & inks) any maybe colors, but if i need a hand, we’ll talk in the future


They’re in the Creative Central forum, where you posted this topic. Easiest way to find all the posts there is to click the link you’ll find at the bottom of this one, where you see a bunch of suggested topics. We’ve completed six of them to date, so there are plenty of scripts to look at. Look for the ones indicating voting.


Each of these threads begins with script entries, so they’re easy to find.


I’d love to join you. I’m a writer and would love to partner up for pitches! You can see the 5-page comic I wrote here: I have over 20 years of experience as a professional writer/editor for marketing and PR you can see my portfolio here:

I hope to chat with you!



(Alternately, as I reread the point of the thread, I could help generate ideas. In the third Write Off I developed a Big Foot concept I reworked later in that thread I could share with you.)