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Hello all!

It is that time again when I look for another new artist collaborator to work with me on a comic.
HOWEVER…this one is a little different.
Unlike my other books like The Ether, The Devil in Disguise, CHUNKS (which can all be bought from here: just saying ;)) this a is a one and done story…a 40 page one shot.

The Story is called Red Rocket Comet and is the story of a retired superhero and what happens when he meets his nemesis for the last time.
It is more of a Noir story than a superhero yarn…so, I am looking for a partner who has the ability to really depict facial expressions well and set a shadowy, creepy mood.
In an ideal world I’d love an artist with a Will Eisner or a Brian Bolland-esq style to their work, but I am open to ALL styles…so, surprise me.

As title suggests, I am looking for artists (plural) because out of those 40 pages there are 25% are flashbacks, so I either need a partner who can switch to a more Gene Colan 60s/70s Marvel style (so, there is a classic superhero feel to this bit, but the rest is very NOIR) or I am open to bring in a second artist onto the team to take on that section.

This ISN’T a work for hire…i am looking for a collaborator and partner…not just someone who will draw it is MINE, ALL MINE! I split all ownership with my partners and I value their input.
I want them to make this story as much theirs and it is mine…because, we would be a team.
As with all the collaborators I have been fortunate to work with, I pay for that privilege to work with them and this is no different. I have a standard deal that I offer which I will discuss with potential artists in private because this comic is a little different, because of the length comic is different than most and will depend on the number or artists that end up working on the book.

Those who know me, know that I work my nuts off to get my books out there, so I can guarantee that I will get your art in front of as many people and professionals as I can!

So, with that in mind, if you are interested in working with me… feel free to post samples here or links to your portfolios/site, or if you are not a member of the forum, you can also send me a link to your stuff via my site at:




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Hi Matt. Just a few examples of recent work for your consideration. There’s more at Hope it intrigues you. Cheers…


I’ve worked with @Caro, @Vinicius.C, and @Rucci and highly recommend them all. Top-notch collaborators!


awwww, cheers Becca!

Also, gonna eamil you tomorrow.
Don’t worry i havent forgotten about your 4 pager either…still waiting for the comic to get done…it will be in there…i PROMISE!


cheers buddy, I’m dropping you an email now.


I’m not worried, Matt! Have a great day. :slight_smile:


No worries, Matt. As a writer/artist I completely understand the 'vision thang. Good luck with the search.


Cheers, buddy


Sounds like a cool idea. Can’t wait to see it!


Thanks buddy :blush:


Hi Matt, maybe some of the styles from my samples will interest you.

If yes, let´s get in touch :slight_smile:



Hi there Matt, just popping in a link to my portfolio on gdrive for your consideration. Thanks!


I’m available for digital pencils which really are inks as well as coloring. I’vee been published by the big 2 for my color work as well as having my pencils/inks published in John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night vol. 2.!
Here’s my latest samples. You can reach me through email.



Heya Matt
Sounds like an interesting project. And a great response from everyone on the forum.
I posted these on my own wee thread but here are some of my more recent pages for your consideration.

If ya like it. my e-mail is


I can vouch for @ChrisCctArt Matt.
Chris I cant vouch for @mattgarvey1981.


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