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Artist looking for job


Hello ,my name is Rafael , I have been Brazilian and I have been working in the market for almost 10 years, I have done work for Titan Comics in Dr. Who, Lions Forge, Red Anvil, Advent Comics and several Brazilian publishers, I produce my authorial material to be published in Brazil. In my portfolio you will see many styles and many comic pages.
My email:

In the coming weeks I will update with more pages and works.

I hope you like it, big hug and success!


Truly excellent work. Are you looking for paid work?


Yes my friend! I’m looking paid job.




$80.00 pencil and inks my friend.


Is that per page?


Yes, $80.00 per page. Pencil and inks.
These days I’ll be posting something new in the galleries.


Any project in mind ?:wink:


Ah, you’re out of my price range, but I’m confident you’ll find someone. Your work really is stellar.


No problem Duke, Thank you for the interesting.