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My name is AJ and I’m a writer looking for an artist (colorist, penciler, inker, letter, pin up artist, cover artist, ect), I should say more of a team, though would be great if I had someone who could do all, but not necessary…I’ve looked into a few places to self publish, but the one I like is called Indy Planet, I’m also looking into submitting to companies, I’m also thinking about using Kickstarter or Indiegogo would be good a place to start as well as Patreon for funding…I’m also wanting to shop it around at comic conventions I go to as well as local comic book stores…it’ll be an on going series, I have the scripts for 1, 2, 3, and 4 done and ready to go working on issue 5…this will be a nonpaying gig until after it’s published.

Here’s the comic idea

The name of the story is Venus and it’s about a young woman (21) named Lana Knightly and she is wealthy due to her parents death in a fire leaving her the family business (multi billion dollar company)…she does a lot of charity work and works with the community as well…she was holding a charity art expo which she brought orphans to so they could get a better look on life when a man by the name of Death Lock shows up and he ends up shooting her, stabbing her, and kicking her across the room before the police showed up…when Lana wakes up in the hospital she decides to become a hero and when she gets home she finds a box with Venus wrote on it and inside was a gold mask.

That’s a brief run down I have more if interested let me know by email at with a link to your work as well or my twitter is @Tri_Xx…also any additional information you’d like to know I can answer as well…again this is a nonpaying gig until after it gets published.


Hi AJ,

I’m gonna be honest, buddy, you are gonna find it really hard to find an entire team who will work for “back end pay” especially because you are (no disrespect) an unknown writer and the chances of you pitching and getting you 1st comic picked up are incredibly slim…it can be done…but these projects are few and far between.
I swear, i’m really not trying to poo poo your dream…i’m speaking from experience here…
I’ve been making comics for nearly eight years and other than self…i’ve never been published.
Every new 1st issue i put out i always think…THIS is gonna be the one…but sadly it doesn’t work that way.
If i am honest there are two things you can do…either start small…work on short 4-5 pages stories to learn the craft, because you’ll more likely find artists to work for free on smaller projects , especially if they are starting out too…
Or the second option is…dude, you just gotta save and put your money where you mouth is and pay artists to work with you.
Trust me, i’ve had artists work with me for free on FULL issues when i started out (because they were starting out too) and because there was no money involved (offering back end as you are)… there was no real incentive for the work to be done…because they all had day jobs and doing a 10 hour day and then coming home and then spending hours on a page…
It takes a decent artist 8-10 hours to pencil a comic page (let alone ink, ink, colour, letter etc)
the average DC comic is 20 pages…so you are asking an artist to work for an entire month…for no money, on the hope that you’ll get the comic picked up, for which if you do…they still wont see a return on that investment for at least another six month…
Realistically…would YOU work like that when you have bills to pay…i know i wouldn’t
Trust me…by saving up and paying artists to work you will take YEARS of your comic journey…
Just start small and don’t over extend yourself…
Hopefully my words of advice have helped and not bummed you out too much!


Have to backup Matt on this one.

Also @mattgarvey1981 looks like this is one of those evergreen posts that you should cut and paste for when this subject comes up again next month


I Like to write a new version every time…if someone has taken the time to post, the least i can do is respond to them directly and try to to be generic with me responses even though the content of the message is the same :wink: