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Artist for my biggest-ever gig!


One of the plus sides of being wiped out with a stomach bug over the last week (and I mean everyone right down to the baby has been floored) is a lot of time spent lying around and sweating with a drawing pad in my hand. In that time, I think I might have come up with my best project ever.

Every once in a while you just get lucky and this is one of those times. I’m starting to put it together now for a probable Easter release next year and I want the absolute best artist I can get on this. The beauty of Millarworld is that the artists own half of everything in comics, movies and merchandise and even get 50% of my very substantial producer fee and first dollar gross deal so six issues of a Millarworld book can, financially, be worth drawing 100 issues of the biggest book for Marvel or DC. Also, I take all the risk by advancing the artist whatever Marvel or DC pays them so it’s the best of both worlds… no risk for my partner at all, but all the reward and a producer credit that can then be carried over into the next adaptation of a creator-owned book of their own.

So this means I’ve been fortunate enough to have the best artists in the world on my books and lots of guys I love keen to join me on this mad venture. This book is a really big one though and I want somebody amazing. Not just good, I mean taking Frank Quitely as the STARTING POINT if we’re measuring for excellence so please keep that in mind with any suggestions below. Basically, nobody is off-limits, except sadly the poor folk locked into exclusives at the Big Two as they can’t be touched and I need to get someone drawing this on the other side of Summer.

Who do you recommend? Who’s your favourite artist? I’ve got two or three artists I’m planning a project with soon and none of them suit the story stylistically so please throw as many suggestions here as I find all discussion extremely useful.



David Mazzucchelli
Phil Jimenez
Chris Sprouse
Ryan Sook


Joe Quesada, Nate Simpson, Travis Charest, Jim Lee, JH Williams III,

Each of those guys are the best at a particular style which has been subsequently aped all over comics.

Everyone else who’s in that tier, like Quitely, McNiven, Hitch, JRJR etc… are people you’ve worked with.

EDIT: Except for Samnee, who I think you’re going to have to extend an arm to at some point. And maybe Fiona Staples.


I really like JH3. What’s his general output in an average year?

PS Yeah, I’d like a great artist I’ve never worked with. Just for a wee change.


PPS What’s Ryan Sook’s annual output? He’s amazing, but I rarely see his stuff.


I don’t think he’s particularly fast, and he’s known to be very personally invested in what he chooses.

When he was on Batwoman he was writing and drawing, I think, about 8 issues a year.


Wow, yeah. What happened to Sook? He was pretty regular when he was working with Peter David.


Sook has only done one-off issues since around 2006 and a lot of covers so I’d guess he’s pretty slow.


In addition to those mentioned, Craig Russell, Michael Golden, Art Adams, and David Aja.


I´m constantly amazed with the talent of Lewis LaRosa, Nate Simpson, Marcio Takara…

Did you consider any of the classics? I´m thinking about Alan Davis…

Oh boy, it´s so hard, you´ve already worked with titans!


Yeah Aja is a good call, especially for an action book he’s one of the best.


Man! David Aja is great!


Why not John Gholson Jr?

Classically trained artist, with a proven track record in thefineart world !

He can create any demos for you

If this doesn’t sell you, I dont know what will?


Geof Darrow. Or Eduardo Risso.


JHW3 and David Aja definitely good shouts.

How about Frazer Irving? Love his stuff.


Esad Ribic, Andy Belanger, or Alan Davis.


Yanick Paquette, he is working in Wonder Woman Erth One for the last 2 years with Grant Morrison, he is interested in a creator owned work, when he finish WW he will be free for some time


John Cassaday or George Perez.


Great suggestions.


Paul Smith. Paul Smith. Paul Smith. Paul Smith. He’s a God.