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Artist for hire


**Hey everyone! Its a sample of the short I worked with Jarred Luján. If there’s any author out there looking for an artist obsessed with overdetailed backgrounds, just call me. You can DM me at and see full pages organized by project, at **


Your art is great! What kind of projects are you looking for?


Nice you liked it!
If you may take a look at my portfolio you can see I draw different genres, with different authors. But I’m quite prone to superheros in spandex, I’m just an old boy from the 80’s.


I might have a short 12-page script that needs an artist for an anthology. I can keep you in the loop on that, if you’d like.


Sure! Just tell me what this short is about.


I’m putting together a list at the moment. Do you have an email I can reach out to when I have more details and such?


My e-mail is
But you can DM me at my Twitter, where I post my lattest stuff
Be sure I’m going to do my best on your script, and don’t forget to take a look at my portfolio at