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Artist Dave Acosta


Hi Folks!

I’m a comic artist, looking for a gig. I thought I might shamelessly promote myself by posting some of my artwork. Feel free to publicly shame me/give me work.

These pages are from TWILIGHT ZONE/THE SHADOW #4, written by David Avallone, published by Dynamite.

Dave Acosta
Twitter/Instagram: @davedrawsgood


That is fantastic work, David!

I love the detail and panel/page composition.

Please keep sharing your work with us!




Really nice stuff, David.
Very impressive.


Thank you!


Very impressive. You are awesome at drawing faces.


Thanks! I’m trying.


Good work man. Very solid. Good sequential storytelling. Thanks for posting.


Dave draws good! :wink:


Thank you




This is greater than alot of Marvel and DC art!!! This is among the ranks of Jim Lee, David Marquez, Mike Deodato, Jim Cheung e.t.c.


You are being far too kind, but thanks!


If your art is bad, I’ll say so :wink:


I have a new book coming out tomorrow, DOC SAVAGE: RING OF FIRE, a mini-series about the classic pulp hero, written by my same collaborator from TWILIGHT ZONE/THE SHADOW, David Avallone, published by Dynamite.

I thought I would share some of the pages with you all. For this issue, I pencilled very tightly, and then adjusted the art in Photoshop to look more like traditional inking.

Hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your thoughts.