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Artist available for hire

Hi, my name is Jelena and I’m looking for a new comic book project to work on and I remember people have been nice here when it comes to work relations. Payed work would be my priority at the moment and my page rate goes from $90 to $120, depending of the complexity of the work. I ink, color and I have been attempting to letter my own stuff lately.

For further information, here’s my portfolio, I believe there’s my e-mail address there somewhere. And here are the sample pages of some of the two latest projects that I work on.

Cheers and thank you for your attention!


Here is my latest project that’s out, written by Erick Freitas, with Will Penny as editor, on the Sex and Monsters label. You can read more at

And I’m still free to hire, btw.

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Very nice Jelena (many women from my country bear the name Jelena)! It’s a shame if you can’t find anyone to work. Neverthless, it’s great. And a suggestion, if I may, maybe you shouldn’t put all those lines on people’s faces. As it has hair all over :grin:

Thanks mate! As for the lines, I find them to be fundamental for what I see as my style, I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, some people like them, some less so. Or I should just switch to furries and problem solved :smiley: Where’re you from, if not a secret? (I’m Serbian)

These are the most recent pages I’ve made, written by Andjelija Blagojevic, a writer that I definitely want to make more stuff with.

I’m also free to hire one more time, my rates go $90 to $120, depending of the style and the amount of details.

Thanks for reading!