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Article by yours truly for STV in support of Brexit


Democracy is under fire, Big Biz is about to own us through their EU tool and we only have to look at Greece or Italy to see how much respect they have for voters. Me on STV this morning…


Mark's opinion piece about Scotland getting out of the EU

Sorry Mark, have to disagree with you there I am on the other side on this.


You raise some very interesting points there Mark. I would certainly share your concerns about the shift to the Right in EU politics.

I’m not sure I agree with everything, but I’m Irish, don’t have a vote, and we have a very different relationship with the EU. We have been a net recipient from the EU in all of it’s guises since we joined back in the 70’s and it has helped to transform the country. However, if we had a similar referendum a couple of years ago after the Bailouts, I imagine that we would have left. If it happened today, I can’t imagine the debate would be much different from the one in the UK.


The only problem is you vote out and you get Boris in charge and he’ll sign off anything big business wants.


blaming the EU for the shift to the right is a cheap shot. Rise of the right happens every so on years, as history logically repeats itself. And pushing rascism and xenophoby is just an easy thing that gets the attention of people instead of focussing on real problems.

I believe in a Europe. Just not the way it is build a the moment. But change takes time. And we will get there.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.


The EU doesn’t change or do reform. It destroys you if you stand in the way. It’s an abuse relationship when you look at the disdain for the people of Greece or Italy. Leaving is the only way to possibly change something. Look at Cameron’s recent pathetic attempts for reform. They just laughed at him.



Here’s Tony Benn on EU in his final days…


I saw Benn speak at a Student Union conference in around 1991 and while I admire him a lot I had a hard time understanding his stance of being both against the EU and against devolution. It doesn’t really stack up, either you want local control and greater democracy or not.

The only conclusion I could come to was he was quite conservative (with a small c) and wedded to the idea of how things have been.


I get his point. And that no one is elected in the EU. But it is an impossible task at the moment. An election in each EUcountry is already such an hardship. If you would have to elect all the EU folks it would be impossible.

Also who says the elected ones won’t be incompetent trolls? If elections have proven something is that often it is not the most capable ones that reach the power but the ones with the best campaign, most money and charming smile. While in the EU the commissioners are appointed by their capabilities and get a portfolio to work about depending on their skills. And of course the system is not perfect, and of course friends something get in between but for such a large system it is actually the best one possible as it promotes skill instead of a ridiculous vote where the one with the most money to campaign would win.


I do have to add as much as I think it is wrong to leave the EU, that from a curious point of vue I would love to see the Britain leave the EU just to see what would happen. I mean there are only speculations. What would actually happen? It’s a little the same as Trump being president, as wrong as it can be, you still want to see: what would actually happen if…


I’ve lost pretty much all respect for the EU, and I started out as its greatest fan back in the 90s. It needs to reform or go away.


I don’t know enough about Europe to have an opinion but I did like how you snuck a Kick Ass reference in the headline!


He’s really just using politics as his next viral marketing tactic. :wink:


What? :open_mouth: Dammit, I wish I had known. I spent all that time going to the polling station at the last European Parliamentary election, and I could have just stayed home and watched TV. I feel like such a mug now :frowning:


That is a valid concern, but the thing is, if we leave it’ll give a massive boost to our own far right elements in government (and UKIP) without a moderating influence from the EU to keep them in check. We’d be throwing ourselves at the mercy of exactly what we’re trying to escape.


I do have to ask: When have you voted for a commissioner?


To clarify, I share the concern. I don’t agree with the suggested solution. I think staying in makes more sense.

But I’m Irish and don’t have a say anyway.


The part you elect is the part with no power. At all. They have never, in 40 years, created anything that’s come out of there.

This is no accident.



Commissioners are nominated by a country’s elected officials though and all appointments have to be ratified by the (elected) EU parliament. It’s no different than US positions like Secretary of State etc.