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Article by Mighty Millar on why we need family sci-fi movies again!


Some excellent points.
By me.


Great piece.


Empress with Jolie!
Starlight with… Neeson??


Really good read, I’m pretty pumped for Starlight and Chrononauts. Is there a good shot at seeing them in 2017?


Damn you’re a good article writer chief. Fresh ideas, interesting perspectives, challenging conventional thinking. You should maybe think about doing a monthly Mind of Millar column for one of the big entertainment companies. I feel that it’d be essential reading (and the industry sorely needs some different perspectives right now).


Is Neeson being mentioned for “Starlight”. Any more news on Jolie for “Empress” ? She has to do it!


Neeson was rumoured for Blake Morrow if Nemesis was ever made into a movie. Just a rumour though. That reminds me, is there ever going to be a ‘Nemesis 2’? I know McNiven’s busy at Marvel but I remember it being advertised in early Millarworld comics such as Kick-Ass 2.


A big family driven space opera fantasy starring Jolie would be massive.(Just look at the grosses for “Maleficent”.) The article from the other day stated that she is actively courting the project which means that she is interested in it but that there are other names in the mix (presumably Theron and Johansson?).If Jolie wants to do it it would be very silly of a studio to go for somebody else as there is no other bigger female star out there than her,especially in the action genre.Hopefully she will do it and we will hear more news soon.It has tonnes of potential.


Ha! You’re the dude who spotted the hole in that sci-fi audience, brother! :slightly_smiling:



Yeah, you should write more columns about my great ideas!


A great article. You know what would be cool and perfect for EMPRESS - get the master himself Drew Struzan to paint the movie poster; pretty please and thank you :heart_eyes:


If the goal here is to identify a gap that the general audience has been longing for, then is it worth looking at the past failures of the family sci-fi genre and working out why the fell?

Jupiter’s Ascending, John Carter, Zathura and Treasure Planet are the first to spring to mind.

I guess one of the reasons why Star Wars worked was that it was immersive, and for lots of kids, their imaginations never left the theatre. Adults too were welcomed back to that sensation (like Avatar before it).

We didn’t see that happen in the films listed above (all were epic fails) - I think the tone in the first two felt pandering for children, and too familiar for Adults: we never felt like we were being thrown into the chaos of a universe, but more like we were watching a stage-play unfold.


I think you mean Jupiter Ascending


I think that you may be thinking of Jupiter Ascending there Tim…

I agree with you. Of that list, I have only seen John Carter (which I love), but I thought that it was basically as movie for 10 year old boys. I would have eaten it up with a spoon when I was that age. Obviously it didn’t necessarily work for an older, more cynical audience.


Yes! I did!

I love Jupiter’s Legacy but I am currently coffeeless!


A coffee for Mr Masters please…


Yeah, it felt crafted for ten year-olds, and I think kids can smell that stuff. I think that’s why the new Spider-Man took a dive too.

Something like the Cantina in Star Wars seems inconsequential, but in 2 minutes we’re shown all the information we need that this is a universe full of dark things that kids may not yet understand, but they’re all too aware that they’re out there, and that immerses them a little more.