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Art Thread: Paul Bulman


Hi all,

My name is Paul Bulman, and I’m an artist living in Australia. I’ve been actively working toward getting into the comic industry, specifically, for the last four years. Toward the end of 2015, I illustrated a DC Comics/Insight Edition book titled ‘The World According to Wonder Woman’, which is available from Amazon and book stores, and this was my first real publication of work.

Since then, I’ve been working hard at improving my samples, and contacting comic companies with expressions of interest and work. Since I’ve been reading these forums for a while now - though only recently registered - I felt it might be worthwhile to post some work, and see what happens!

If anyone wishes to contact me about my art, with questions, collaboration and/or contract offers (@Mark_Millar winkwinknudgenudge), etc, my email is -

So, without further delay, here’s some of my stuff:


Sequential samples up next, which I penciled and inked…

What Do You See? [Creator-owned indie comic, published as an ash-can comic March 2016]

This book is currently in the process of being pitched, and has a writer/artist co-owner team working on it. We are now working on the next 11 pages, and it’s our hope that a publisher will pick this one up, so we can turn it into an on-going supernatural/crime/thriller series.


Sequential samples for the DC Artist Workshop:

Sequential sample for DC (pages currently being worked on):


Looks great!!!


Thanks, Twebb, appreciated!




Thank you, rpedro!


Incredible work Paul :smile: