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Art programs


What art programs do ppl prefer to use? Personally I like the auto desk sketchbook


I purchased manga studio a few months ago. It’s great after you get the tools figured out.


Yeah manga studio is nice too… I’m still pretty new to digital art and the sketchbook is easier for me… I get lost n the programs sometimes lol


I bought manga studio for dummies. Still watching tons of tutorials as well. I thought I’d take to it faster, since I’ve drawn all my life but it’s still pretty foreign to me.


I know the feeling… lol


Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint (formerly manga studio). I prefer using Photoshop for colouring, but CSP’s brushes feel more naturalistic to me for either inking or digital painting. (Getting good brushes for either program is half the battle.) Kyle T. Webster brushes for Photoshop, Frenden brushes for CSP. They’re not expensive, don’t be a dick and pirate them!


I been on a marker kick when it comes to digital art… everyone uses brushes so I’m going for a different feel…


Procreate on my tablet