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Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes


If you’re in London at all over the next 6 months, go and see the Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes exhibition. It’s the same team who did the Art of the Brick LEGO exhibition which toured the world a few years ago, and is the same amazing standard of LEGO models but this time the focus is all DC Superheroes (and some of their villainous counterparts)

Photos honestly don’t do it justice (I was wandering around corners and seeing new models and going “Oh WOW!” practically constantly), but some more of my photos from it are here:

I’m not even a DC kid at heart, but the strength of the images - and the icons - is powerful.


Those are amazing. I love the little touch of the rubber duck in the bath with Aquaman.


This was here last year and even though I had a contact in the associated museum to see it early, I didn’t have the time. Saw plenty of photos, from every possible angle though.