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"Art made to order?" - Article discussion

“As the barriers between artists and their fans have fallen, and as artists have made themselves more accessible in the hopes of building brands that will help them stay employed, we’ve seen a number of unfortunate incidents where fans cross the line between expressing disappointment over art and deciding that the people behind that art need to be punished.”

An interesting article (with some interesting comments haha) I was curious to see what you guys make of it?


Stephen King’s Misery tells the story of the extremes to which one fan goes when she is unhappy with the ending of her favorite author’s latest book, and raises questions about when a popular character becomes more important than its creator.

When King wrote Cujo, his book ended with the protagonist’s child dying, which upset a lot of his readers. The subsequent film had a happier ending, which pissed me off because that wasn’t the story King wrote. But as was discussed earlier this week on another thread, American film audiences don’t like sad endings, so…

Interesting article, and good topic, Gavin!


Isn’t that how the Spider-Man Clone Saga ended up so convoluted? The writers & editors worried too much on what the fans wanted changed instead of sticking with the original story?

I think it was more that the storyline was initially a big hit with fans, so they spun it out far beyond its originally-intended lifespan, adding twist upon twist, and the whole thing went off the rails.

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