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Art Dump :) Sequential Art, Pin Ups and so on


Hey Guys,

my name is Sedat Oezgen and Iam a Comic Book Artist from Germany.

Here is some of my Art. I hope you will enjoy it :slightly_smiling:







I really like your style. it is very clean and detailed. It reminds me a lot of Frank Cho.

Great job!


Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling:
I like Chos but he wasnt the biggest “influence” on my work. Iam more of a Jim Lee, Charest, Leinil Yu Kid :slightly_smiling:Thanks for the nice Words :slight_smile:


Great stuff, Sedat.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi Sedat. I really like your work here. My initial thought was that your style was reminiscent of Jamie McKelvie, but obviously with your own flavour to it.


@SimonJones thanks a lot! I actually had to Google “Jamie McKelvie” because I never seen his art before :slight_smile: Iam glad you like the work :slight_smile:


I love your art. Would love to see a colored version.

You really have a lot of talent!!!


This is great-looking stuff. I love the clean lines and the sense of balance (great work spotting blacks). You’ve got a really smart style.


thank you very much for the kind words! :slightly_smiling:
Unfortunately I suck at coloring. But if i ever get some of my work colored ill make sure to upload it here :slightly_smiling:


You ever did a comic? The first panels are comic pages, right?


Thank you for the kind words! :slightly_smiling:
I try to add solid blacks as much as possible to balance the grey ish details. its usually my favourite part :slight_smile:


the pages you see were sample pages. I did some published work for Moonstone Books and zenescope. Currently iam working with a very well known comic creator on a new project. i cant wait to spill the beans :slightly_smiling:


Awesome. Can you tell the genre?



its a Sci Fi kind of story (unfortunately not a sci fi in a faaar faar far away galaxy kind of sci fi though) :slight_smile: