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Hahaha. I actually forgot one, maybe this will lighten the mood…

I bet you didn’t know he could do that. :rofl:


swimming in blood damn


Hahaha yeah I thought it was fun to take a simple, nice
warm up sketch to a much darker place with just one colour.

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The Genie is killing me too LOL so good and funny LOL you have a great sense of capturing the perfect moment to shock and make people laugh.


Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

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So I made some prints on blocks. I found this way more satisfying than framing a print, and feel like it looks more like a piece of art I could sell.

These are going in a local gallery/boutique, and the owner helped pick which ones to do. I don’t make my art with the idea of hanging it in a store in mind, so most of what I do doesn’t really fit with that concept. However, I am looking forward to making some of my stranger work and entering it in an art show next month in the mall I live close to. They say entry is not judged, so I guess we’ll see if that holds true. I think it should be funny to see my stuff mixed in with the flowers and landscapes that will no doubt be there.



I think the Bob’s Burger one is my favorite piece of yours.

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Those are great. I love Buzz.

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That’s awesome! They look great!

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Thanks so much. Really happy you guys are digging these.


Started this as a warm up sketch yesterday morning, but it was way too fun to not finish.

Also did this with the twitter bird the other night…


Those are hilarious!

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Thanks. Glad you like them.

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Finally finished my 3rd instalment of my comic strip ill logic. I’m going to put the first two here as well, because I think they work best as a whole.

And here’s a new character for the strip who will probably show up in the 5th instalment…

Looking forward to doing the next couple instalments. I think I’ll be changing up the format a little by adding a few more panels.

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Been having so much fun with the Looney Tunes lately…


Having fun making Easter art. Here’s a new one…

and an updated version of last years…

Also having fun with more warm up sketches…

and a totem pole (which started as a warm up sketch, but I couldn’t not finish it)…

Thanks again for checking out my stuff. I appreciate that people come back to see what I’ve been up to.


Love the Animaniacs one.

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Forgot to share this one. I almost did this the other morning, but I forgot to get reference. I do all my warm up sketches when I’m out with my 3 year old in the mornings. Then, when we got home, I heard about the fire in Notre Dame. So crazy.


Looking good man!!

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One more piece for Easter. Happy Easter everyone, and watch out for that Easter Bunny.