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Had some fun today making a new profile pic. I love when I’m working on something like this and my wife sees it and says absolutely nothing :rofl:



A couple new pieces for my muckpop series.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with my muckpop series lately.

Also had fun with another Kubrick study…

…and yesterdays warm up sketch.

Thanks for checking out my thread.


Do you still only get three consecutive posts before someone else has to comment? :wink:


Did some more work for my muckpop series earlier in the week…

And now I’m back to drawing toons. I gotta say, I freakin’ love the designs of Little Archie.

I also did a few variants of all the muckpop pieces, and coloured a couple older drawings as well. Check out my Instagram feed @thesseleman if you want to see them.
Thanks again for stopping by.

Update: added some colour to this…


Merry Christmas Millarworld friends. I’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit this year…:rofl:

“He sees you when you’re sleeping…”
Hope you all have a great holiday.

Update: One more Christmas related piece…



I had a pretty great year in 2018. My goal with my work has been to have fun, and I met that goal. Fun and art were not words that went together after years of working in film. Now I’ve got it back, and that makes me very happy. Hope to have even more fun in 2019.


Nice stuff dude!


Super happy to have finally finished my third looney motivational poster…

These are the first two I did, back in early 2017…


Some new stuff. Really fun to work on these.

And a couple warm up sketches…




That is hilarious! I love it!