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Art by Thesseleman


Gave this some colour and a background.


Been wanting to do this variant for a long time.


Here’s something I’ve been picking away at for a while. This fits better with my older work, before I got in to more cartoony stuff.

And here’s a colour variant.


More fun with the Simpsons.


I really like these, especially the color variant.


Thanks. I like the variant best too. :grinning:


Another warm up sketch I got a little carried away with.


Every day should be earth day.


Here’s something a little different…some album art I put together of the band Study In Scarlet.


The Real Nightmare Before Christmas.





Did this collage last night, in memory of…


Here are a couple quick pieces I thought would suit Millarworld.


Great stuff! :slight_smile:


I’m grateful enough to use 1 of my 3 consecutive replies to say thank you DaveWallace :joy:


So my big project yesterday was a new piece for my muckpop series. Uncle Al. I’ve been wanting to add him to muckpop since I started it. Here’s the original…

And here are the remixes…

And here’s the original sketch…

Check out my website if you’re interested in seeing more muckpop;

Today I had a lot of fun doing this…

And here’s a fun sketch a did a couple days ago.

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This was ridiculously fun to draw.


This genuinely made me laugh out loud.


Another warm up sketch I got totally carried away with.


Here’s something I’ve been picking away at for a few weeks.