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Art book Kickstarter campaign


I’m hoping to make a book on my art called Drawing in the Dark. I just submitted my campaign to Kickstarter and should know in a few days if it’s approved. I’ll give you guys updates in this thread.

If you want to see some of my work check out my Art by Thesseleman thread, where you’ll find stuff like this…

and this…

Thanks for checking out this thread.



My campaign is now live, and will be for 2 weeks.



Okay, so far my Kickstarter is not going great. I have one pledge from someone I don’t know, and one from my mom :rofl:. I certainly didn’t expect to go over my goal, but now even reaching the goal is not looking promising. But who cares about that when I got likes from Christopher Moore for my Bambi drawings, and Danny Lloyd (Danny Torrance in The Shining) for my studies of The Shining. If only you got paid for likes from awesome people.



So the campaign was a bust. The reward I was most excited about was the original sketch. I was looking forward to the possibility of drawing stuff I wouldn’t normally draw, since the pledger got to pick the subject. I only had one person pick that reward, so I decided I would do the sketch and send it to them as a gift to thank them for their support. They requested a Xenomorph, which funnily I had almost drawn the other day, sneaking up on Marvin the Martian. I finished the sketch this morning and really enjoyed working on it. I’m actually going to colour it too, because its so fun to work on. Here are the original pencils…

And this one adjusted for colouring…