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dragon scavenger

pick one




johnny blaze

rocket rodeo

main man




I like these. You really know where to leave areas white and lead the eye nicely through the page. Lovely designs of the demons in ‘arthas’!

Only crit I’d suggest is some of the shading on the softer forms like the legs in ‘sshhhh’ and her forearm in ‘dragon scavenger’ might benefit from some feathering as the harsh edge is unrealistic to a soft rounded form. Your feathering on ‘arthas’ is great, so would be good to see some of that applied! The backs of the knees in ‘sshhhh’ could be less in shadow … a few spot blacks on the robots in the foreground might bring them to the fore a bit more too?

Hope that helps.


occultist cover

half breed 3 pg 18

red sonja sample

half breed 2 pg 10


Some damned fine stuff, Mannie! Only thing I did not like was in the first post the big black section on the one girl’s legs - looks like a fix for a major screw-up and should not be in a portfolio, Otherwise, camera-ready!


No Gods 1-6

diana sample pg 1

diana sample pg 2

diana sample pg 3