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Arguing About Hobbits


They’re called Little People, not Hobbits. Stop being a Dwarfaphobe.



Dwarves and Hobbits are two separate species. Are you saying you can’t tell them apart?


Hobbits aren’t even a species. They’re a race of men. You think their a different species then you? wow.


The scholars of Middle-Earth haven’t even discovered evolution yet, we can’t really accept their notions of phylogeny as accurate


But Eru Illuvatar only created Men and Elves and Aule created Dwarves and Yavanna Ents, and aside from the Maiar, there are no other sentient life forms in Middle-Earth, so where do Hobbits come from?


They evolved naturally, don’t mistake creation myth and anti-hominid bias in folklore for actual science


LoTR has many events that are impossible to explain unless the Creation story in the Silmarillion is true in Ea.


That’s the fault of unreliable narrators


Can’t you accept that a fictional world may be different from your real worldview?


Mythology is essentially fiction, but that doesn’t mean that the myth tellers of middle-earth get a free pass when it comes to their bad science


What about Orcs and Goblins, and Eagles, and you know… Were-bears and shit?


Orcs are just Elves that were Tortured until they became evil, and Yavanna also made the Eagles.


Goblins and were-bears?


Goblins ARE Orcs. Were-Bears I don’t know, Dragons were bred by Melkor, and Trolls are like Orcs but made from Ents.


How about Care Bears?


Not found in Ea…


What about halflings?

EDIT: Maybe Hobbits are half-elf half-dwarf, like when Hot Elf Lady has a thing for Reasonably Handsome Dwarf guy in the movies.


They’re the same as Hobbits. A race of men that ae even shorter then Dwarves.


Well, what about Hobbits then?