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Are YOU Ready for the NEW Wizard World...?


Hello Millarworldians!

It’s the cohost of your FAVORITE internet review series (#BWRA), here – with an EXCITING announcement that I hope creates a HUGE opportunity for many of you! A little bit more than a week ago, I announced that I’m OFFICIALLY the new Artist Alley Coordinator for Wizard World Comic Con! That means, it’s now my job to bring in both established pros, as well as, spotlight new creative voices to the Wizard World con circuit. With 17 shows currently slated, I’ve got PLENTY ahead of me, but one of my first orders of business is to find out WHERE all you creators are!

So, here’s a call to arms: respond with your name, your current status within the industry (published pro – especially, if you’ve had a Top 100 book over the last 2 yrs; or indie creator/self-publisher – especially, if you’ve won an award for your work over the last 2 yrs!), city and state, and whether you have a “home” Wizard World show!

Here’s to an incredible year in comics and cons! #2018OrBust

Victor Dandridge


Well coughs fly me over to sell my comics coughs


You have TOTALLY failed the quid pro quo test. First, you do the thing for me, THEN you ask for the thing you want! LOL


eeeeeer…i’ll fly you over here to sell my comic?



in all seriousness, congratulations…

I met a chap from Reedpop at MCM in October who said that he curates the NYCC and he was talking about how you guys run your cons over there (and what they will hopefully be doing with MCM) and it is no small feat…so, good luck to you, fella!
Just make sure you make the most of those small press guys and girls too! :wink:


Many thanks! You probably met one of the Mikes (Negin or Miller), who I think are going to do something VERY special over there.

But to play House of Ideas vs. Distinguish Competition, right quick…Wizard World IS the place where small press and indies can shine because we DON’T curate. Everyone has a fair stake & shake at finding success, no matter where in the game you stand – that’s a testimony coming from a guy who once OUTSOLD Geoff Darrow (yeah, THAT Geoff Darrow) at a show. :wink::star_struck::sunglasses:


It was mike M…such a nice chap.
I am looking Forward to see what they do with mcm next year…if I can get a table…they go like hot cakes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: