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Are you going to see Star Wars again?


Real money is made with multipliers. That second, third and fourth viewings. We all went to see Episode 7, but are you going again? I definitely am as it was almost all too overwhelming for me to take in at once. Not sure where, but might go later today.


  • I’ll probably never watch the movie again.
  • I’m not going to see the movie again at the cinema. I’ll wait to see it at home.
  • I’m going to watch it one more time.
  • I’m planning on 3+ or more viewings!

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It sounded like Star Wars, it looked like Star Wars, but did it feel like Star Wars?
It was good, weren’t great,
But, saying that it was 100% better than the last three.


I’m not sure that I will see it again in the cinema. Seeing it at this time of the year was a bit of pre-Christmas treat. Our nearest cinema is part of a big shopping centre. I’m not sure that I could be bothered with fighting with crowds/trying to find parking etc. again this close to Christmas…and then obviously you have the Post-Christmas sales crowds afterwards…And I have a lot of stuff to do before the in-laws turn up on the 23rd.

I loved the film, but I’m not sure that I would put up with that level of aggravation to see it again.

Which just means that I’m a) getting older and b) a bad geek… :smiley:


My daughter wants to see it but I thought some bits would be a little too intense for her in the cinema, so I’ll be watching it again on Blu-Ray but not on the big screen.


That poll doesn’t include the “Haven’t seen it yet” option. Which I would have picked…:disappointed:


Nah, i wouldn’t do that…or would i?!


I don’t understand Jerry. It’s been out for 4 days - how can you not have seen it yet? What kind of geek are you???


I know…I’m not worthy to be called Ambassador.

Not that anyone has actually called me that out loud.


[quote=“njerry, post:8, topic:4471, full:true”]
I know…I’m not worthy to be called Ambassador.

Not that anyone has actually called me that out loud.
[/quote]Jerry…We’ve known each other, in an internetty kind of way, for a while now, so I think that I can be frank with you. You’re a complete and utter Ambassador :wink:

Hey, if I’m not honest with you, who will be?

P.s. Saying that I know someone in an “internetty way” may be the most unintentionally creepy thing that I have ever written.


I think the only way I would see it again is if it were on TV and I catch a few minutes while waiting for another show to come on.

And even that is a big “if”.


You were going to talk about the pit fighting scene between the Ewoks and Gungans organized by the ghost of Boba Fett, weren’t you?

Oh, shit.

Sorry everyone!


Tell me, are you familiar with Ambassador Spock?


it was the Micky Mouse/ Jabba hybrid that completely threw me!


I’m still trying to get over the number of Ant-Man cameos in the movie!


its was bad enough having ET in episode 1!


I’ve watched it 3 times already. I’m definitely gonna see it a few more times.


I want to…I don’t know if my heart can take it though.


I’d watch it in the cinema again if there weren’t so many movies I want to see in the next month or so. I’ll definitely watch again on DVD or Blu-ray.


Been twice already as the second time was meant to be at the Imax but the fella booking the tickets messed it up and it was in the regular format. I did engage old git mode a couple of time at the second viewing and noticed a few plot holes but soon reverted back to huge geek kid mode and loved it again. Third time?? If someone had a spare IMAX ticket I’d be there in a shot!


Well, I saw it Friday by myself, then I had a friend come in town and she and I went to see it Sunday. But I think I’ll watch it again in the theater; maybe just one more time.