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Are you excited for The Defenders TV show?


I love it when a team comes together!

What’s your excitement level for this and now that we’ve all seen the various shows what’s your Marvel TV report card?



Even though I wasn’t really thrilled with how Luke cage or iron fist turned out, in still looking forward to this. I can’t really see how these four people are going to be linked organically, but it’s being done by the team that did daredevil season 2, right? I can’t wait to see what they put together. It does seem like it’s going to make or break the Netflix project.


I’m theoretically excited, but I still haven’t got around to watching Luke Cage and Iron Fist yet, so it feels somewhat nebulous.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve watched one episode of Cage and nothing of Iron Fist, and I don’t know if I’ll find the time before Defenders.

I’ve really enjoyed the first season-and-a-half of Daredevil (but the back half of the second season fell apart somewhat), and I quite enjoyed Jessica Jones (despite it being unnecessarily stretched out), so I’m quite looking forward to Defenders, but not expecting amazing things.

It being just eight episodes is a bonus, and makes it more likely that I’ll try and get around to watching it sooner rather than later.


I’ve been saying for quite some time that there should not have been any single shows and just a Defenders show. Remember in that first series of the Wire where they built the squad up from all these various misfits? Like that with these four.

Even have the solo shows but then just do Defenders after they all have one series.

They struggle to fill 13 episodes every single time, Defenders would never have that problem.

Anyway, nobody was listening to me at the time, but I still think Defenders will be wayyyy better than any of the other shows as it will have the range of characters needed to make sure the interaction will be what people loved most about crossovers in comics before crossovers have become what they’ve became.


I stopped watching these shows a little earlier than Martin and David…my jumping off point was about five episodes into the second DD season.

Even so I would be excited for Defenders except I know Disney/Netflix will spend a fraction of what it would cost to make it good. So probably not.

Who is the villain?


Yo’ momma :grinning:


They don’t stand a chance.


Sigourney Weaver.


This ought to be something I’m massively interested in but I’m not.

Daredevil was OK, JJ I haven’t finished, Luke Cage lost me after the fist ep, haven’t bothered with Iron Fist.

So I’ve concluded that like SHIELD, Netflix Marvel ain’t for me.


Interesting. Who’s playing Ms Weaver? Is it John Cena/Meryl Streep?


I’m looking forward to it though I’m fearful of the continued reduction of budgets.


No interest whatsoever. The only series I watched all the way through was Jessica Jones and even then I half-heartedly watched the last four episodes.

I want it to be good but don’t think it will be.


I think it will be good because having watched most of the episodes I get the opinion that they will work well together. Matt and Danny have similar backgrounds and experiences with the hand. JJ and Luke have a romantic past. I also have a lot of faith in Rosario Dawson as the tie in character who knows all four and Carrie Ann Moss as another tie in character.


For Daredevil it was a 9. Now 5 series later it’s a 1. It’s clear the quality keeps dropping and if these didn’t have the Marvel logo no-one would watch them (and they’d be ridiculed). With Avengers it was all everyone could talk about, same thing is happening with TV and I doubt anyone cares outside of Marvel fanboys.

I think the Netflix experiment has been an abject failure, but it still got Netflix what they want with that first Daredevil show. It’s just a shame to see Marvel go so wrong when the movies seem to be staying strong (though opinions differ on their ongoing quality too).


It’s funny that the best and most creative series featuring Marvel characters is Legion and that was done with Fox.


In movie terms I think they’ve really corrected their course. Civil War was okay, if over-serious and unmemorable, Ant-Man and Strange both light and quite fun. But Guardians and Thor this year I think are both going to be 5 star movies. 2017 is shaping up to be a Hell of a year. The test-screenings on Wonder Woman have me worried as I really, really want to love that movie as she’s in my top three with Superman and Batman in terms of things I’ve always loved and Justice League I’ve kinda written off as something I’ll probably not see. But the Marvel stuff looks stronger this year than it has since 2014 I think.



Has there been bad news coming out of test screenings?


I was hugely excited by the concept of the development of the Defenders team, with great hopes for each individual series leading up to the team-up. Watched DD Season 1, then Jessica Jones, made it through five episodes of DD2, and just couldn’t summon the enthusiasm to continue. Thought about giving Luke Cage a try, but the reviews turned me off, and I don’t have any interest in Iron Fist. Maybe I’ll watch Defenders. Maybe…


If they ignore how boring most of the shows after DD Season 1 were, then sure.

I agree with the sentiment that the seasons couldn’t handle 13 episodes, due to either plot stretches or generally mismanaged pacing.
Defenders might not have that problem, but then again…look at what they did with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Defenders might be dull and dragging regardless.