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Are you a DC person or a Marvel person?


I don’t know if this has been asked in this forum before, but I’m genuinely curious about the personal preferences of people here. Even if you enjoy both, do you feel a particular inclination towards one of the big two? And why?

Personally, even though I like Marvel a lot, I always felt more affinity towards the DC characters. I guess their more aspirational, idealistic and mythical nature appeals to me more than the down to Earth, often broken Marvel characters. I truly believe that there’s quite nothing that can top the best, larger than life DC stories when their characters are actually well written. I also liked the sense of legacy the universe had in the 90s and for the better half of the past decade, a thing that helped to differentiate it more from Marvel, but that has sadly been lost for the most part (well, for now, at least).

Funnily enough, Cap is one of my absolute favorite Marvel characters. And he’s probably the most DC of the Marvel heroes.

PD: I don’t want to start a fight over which is the better company. Both have produced good and bad comics over the decades and neither is better than the other. Just having fun!

What kind of comics reader are you?


  • DC
  • Marvel
  • I like both companies equally
  • I hate comics. Why am I here?[/poll]


I started with Marvel (Secret Wars) and I think I’ve always been a Marvel person as a result. I did like DC more during the JLI run, but I have far more Marvel comics - maybe 30 Marvel to every DC. Maybe more.


While I grew up on the DC cartoons in the 70s, I preferred Marvel Comics and their characters.


Make mine Marvel. But give me some DC too. The good DC, not the treading water DC.


Marvel in the streets, DC in the sheets.


So like you’re 75 years old then?


Like what Maxi said I’ve enjoyed both Marvel and DC really, but always, always had a greater love for DC and it’s universe. Though marvel has more of the better grounded aspects in their stories/characters I still got to give it to dc for their more fantastical approach to their characters and storytelling. It also helps that I have more characters I enjoy reading about on dc then I do for marvel. As long as both companies can deliver fun and entertaining stories you’ll hear no complaints from me.


DC all the way, baby. Other than Spider-man I don’t really love any Marvel characters. I love the work of certain creative teams on certain Marvel titles, but I don’t love the characters per se, if that makes sense. Whereas, with DC, I unashamedly love Batman, Superman, Robin (Tim Drake), and loads more.


I grew up on Marvel much more than DC, but as I started to learn more about comics history and went back and read what I’d missed, I realised that there’s been great stuff done at both companies, and I no longer really feel closer to one or the other.

My favourite characters tend to skew more towards Marvel, but that’s largely because they’ve been favourites since I was a kid and I always knew the Marvel universe a lot better. I probably have more Marvel than DC books, but only just.


I’m very strongly DC and always have been, although 2000ad still takes precedence over all else.

Even now I get excited by DC announcements and I have an affinity for so many of their characters.
I’m more likely to try their books if the creative team is not someone I’m familiar with, and I’m also far more likely to pick up all their books in a reboot or the like.
With the new 52 I gave everything 3 issue before gradually whittling down to what I was enjoying only.

The same for Rebirth currently - I’m reading a lot of those titles and it’s because I am genuinely interested in what is happening in that universe and like to follow it if I’m finding it interesting.
It does help though that there’s a lot of good, solid writers working at DC currently.

I still buy my books based on who is writing them first and foremost and I will drop something I’m not enjoying pretty quickly and only a change to a writer that I’m really fond of will bring me back on board.
This is how I quickly went from 52 titles to under 10 after new 52.

I turned my nose up at Marvel for all characters when I was a kid & teenager, apart from the Punisher.

I don’t know why but their books always seemed lurid and childish to me, even when I was a child. I don’t know if this is the cynically Wagner and Mills affected side of me manifesting itself.

It wasn’t until Alonso came along and took guys like Milligan, Morrison and Ennis to Marvel that I started really picking up Marvel titles and it was definitely only creator driven purchases, although I’ve long had a soft spot for Daredevil, pretty much because he’s been the most consistently written series that marvel has produced. I’m also quite fond of Black Panther and I’ll add Spider-Man who I do love and follow pretty closely.

I’ve softened slightly now, but a Marvel book is a far harder sell for me, which is ironic because I enjoy their movies so much more than DC.

Rebirth is like a dream come true for me just now and I’m totally in my element - but it definitely needs some Geoff Johns in there, that’s a major missing ingredient right now that I hope to see rectified soon with a Legion of Superheroes series.

I really should add though, that a good comic is a good comic and ultimately that’s all that matters to me, regardless of the publisher.


If Marvel was a person - itd be me (but with an American accent)


Marvel all the way.

Not sure why I don’t really like DC, there was some misguided view in my youth that they had more stories involving magic and that was a turn-off for me.

I have read the bigger stories especially the Batman stuff.

To be fair at this point I read next to nothing from either publisher.


DC all the way, though very few after about 1998.

I started as a DC guy when I was around 4 and catching the Superman cartoons on TV, picked up the comics around 5, but then got swept up in the Marvel thing for a few years with Marvel UK and then - BAM - Superman the Movie all the way from that moment on. From the age of around 8 until I was maybe 30 the only Marvels I read were Frank Miller’s DD and Denny O’Neil’s Iron Man and DD shortly after. Missed everything else.

DC I read FANATICALLY from I was 8 until around 28, but Kingdom Come maybe the last one I really loved, Morrison’s JLA, a few Vertigo books and so on and more recently Scott’s Batman. But I’ve read maybe 50 DC comics since 1998 and around the same number of Marvel books and been mainly an indie guy since then. Of my 50 DC comics in those 18 years 99% of them written by Scott Snyder.

In my heart I’m still a DC guy of course. These are the characters I absolutely love, but I read enough Marvel between 6 and 8 that I know the characters well enough and since it was reprints of the Stan Lee stuff I get the fundamentals of them.



I’m probably reading more DC these days following Rebirth, and it was DC that brought me back into comics in the mid-90’s with Morrison’s JLA. However my favourite characters are always going to be Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Being a Marvel guy has been in my DNA since childhood, the same way that some people love Man United or Tolkien books.


Used to be more of a DC person growing up, though I loved all the superheroes.

When I got into comics, I became even more of a DC person, really, because Marvel was pretty bad in the nineties, and because DC was where Vertigo was, there was a bit of spillover now and then.

Then, somewhere in the 2000s, that changed and somehow Marvel had become the company with the better books; The Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man and so on, and I was also reading The Avengers for a while. Wasn’t reading a single DC book at the same time.

At some point, though, I realised I didn’t care about those Marvel books all that much either, and that even a Morrison-written Batman series didn’t catch my interest. I am now neither a DC nor Marvel reader; the Big Two hold no interest for me.


Marvel characters always appealed to me more - Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock will always be more interesting characters than Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne or Hal Jordan.


Until Providence ends, I’m firmly with Avatar Press.


I’m a Dark Horse and Image guy now, but I grew up firmly in the Marvel fan club.


I think that’s probably true of a lot of us. We may move away from reading those books, but you still have a fondness for the stuff that meant something to you at a particular time in your life.


Alright, I grew up reading Fantastic Four and Hulk essentials, but mainly read DC but dropped off around last year.

I still read a few series (mainly the Hannah Barbera) but not consistently.