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Hello everyone! I’ve been busy drawing for a project nurtured here in the forums by the great @George0, hence I haven’t been really around for at least 3 months. The project is an horror anthology and we have seen progress on scripts, from which we have selected 10, having 5 pages each. Right now, the stage we are on is illustrating 6 of those stories -here’s the trick- but we haven’t found artists for the remaining 4. Soooo… you know what’s coming and yes, nobody is getting paid. The anthology must get done first in order to be pitched to any publisher. WHEN it gets done, and IF any publisher wants it, we’ll go equal shares. Again, if you are reading this and you consider yourself an artist willing to keep learning and you want to flex, please step up. We will appreciate any contribution to this love project of us. Thanks in advance.

Facundo Wilgenhoff

P.S.: I will leave some sample pages below for you to understand the passion we have for this project. For a start, the first 3 pages from Strange Beast -minus the lettering- by @csawyer and me.



Nice art! What’s your process, is that traditional media / watercolour? Can see digital elements but it’s a very realistic painting effect if so!


Hi Michael, and thanks! With this comic I went for untested -at least for me- techs. The colors are all digital, and being my first time at all, I had to figured it out non-trad, so I made the colors the soft part, leaving the hard work on pencils -meaning the greytones- therefor, the colors are, esentially, flats. :wink:


Nice, it worked really well! Reminds me a little of John Bolton’s later stuff, in a good way. It’s a pretty original look.


Thanks a lot for the kind words! I’m unconmensurably proud of what @csawyer and I have created!


and also, I really dig your style, in particular the sketch-y Sienkiewick-ian ones. Great art. BTW, being the main reason of me posting here: are you available to draw a 5 pager?


Ah thanks very much!
I’ve just started my first comic work in years actually… a six page thing, which will take the next couple of months around the day job I expect!


Great to hear that! Sequential narrative is my favorite thing about comics and one sometimes gets apart from the responsabilities of life for its time-consuming quality. If you love comics as I do, try to remember how happy you are while doing them. I’ve spent more or less a decade without them, and from a time until now I got back and I can’t believe how I was able to subsist that way :grin:
Best of luck with your project! Keep it up and away.



Hi there!
I would love to make some pencil and/or ink for your project, here are my pages from the Millar Contest, let me know!
Cheers, Simone.



Astonishing pages Wilgenholf, your coloring technique is quite impressive!


Thanks a lot, Vin!