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Archie & Co. General Thread


Now that the reboot is finally fully in motion.
I thought that maybe a proper thread dedicated to everything Archie would be fine.

You have the Black Circle comics, the Archie Horror comics, the Reboot (Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead, Life with Kevin), and much more.

Let’s start out with thoughts on the reboot. I thought it was fine, Waid does a great job, Staples is okay, and Jughead is Jughead


I’m curious about the reboot. I might eventually pick up at least the first issue to give it a try.


The first issue has some things that didn’t quite gel with me, in terms of displaying to the reader (and as a Reggie fan), but it’s a solid start.

Goes for more an updated 80’s feel. Gaggles of teens going drama.


Staples is okay? Do you mean on this book specifically or in general?
She’s honestly the main reason I’m thinking about picking this up.


In this book in particular.
There’s not much you can do with small town teens in high school.
It looks good, but it has that going for it.


Ah okay, gotcha.
Having never actually read an Archie comic I have absolutely no idea what happens in them. But if your answer is: not much, then what’s the point?


It’s Slice of Life.
The point? Seeing these kids have nice comfortable misadventures and experiences.
It’s cozy.

I’ve heard many opinions like that, and I get it, but missing the forest for the trees.


Early Kid Time, there is a wee market that has been a success since I was small (!!!), kind of a bodega, that had a box outside the front door full of mostly Archie comics. They took trades! Bring in ten, take seven or some such. It was my earliest wheeling and dealing with comics, thinking back! Long post short, read every Archie title over years, and they all got properly recycled to other young comics enthusiasts-in-training.

Jim Kreuger has said several times he really likes the Life after Archie (I’m not sure of the proper title, there’s tons of them and I have no dolleros to invest), and I think he said he was writing The High Cost of Happily Ever After right around the same time Archie took that dramatic turn.


I think you mean Life With Archie.
It’s very much soap opera drama done very well.

Got me back into Archie proper, outside digests.


Riverdale TV Series Heads to CW Network

Honestly, I don’t trust Berlanti, the CW in general, and so on.
The guy who writes Afterlife With Archie is working on this IIRC and I trust him.

But even then… he writes a terrible Reggie.


Alright, alright, alright.
Sabrina #4 is out! Let’s see if we can’t get any opinions going.

First thoughts? It was okay.
But each horror book is way too reference happy.


I haven’t read the Sabrina book. I liked the Afterlife with Archie book, although I feel that it might not have worked quite as well without Francesco Francavilla’s art. That is really the selling point for me.


Honestly, I prefer Sabrina to Afterlife.
Afterlife, while nice, relies way too much on being “Archie with Zombies” and not really interesting at that.
Also, the vast amount of references is a turn off.

Sabrina, while at times dips into it, feels more like a solid story about a teenage witch that doesn’t rely on it “being Sabrina”. Hack is great on art duties, if not pristine.


Cool. I was impressed by the preview that they did before it launched. It certainly looked like they knew what tone they were looking for.

I will check this out when the Tpb comes about. Cheers.


No problem, it’s a nice read.

But I think that if they ever got off their asses and did a Weird Mysteries relaunch - that would be awesome.
Current rumors are of a “Vampironica” series to launch under the imprint.


Archie #2 is out today.

  • Learn the origin of Jughead’s nickname
  • A certain dark haired beauty arrives in Riverdale
  • More useless new characters



Jaime Hernandez draws Archie:


I haven’t been keeping up with this. How has the new Archie been received?


Honestly, it’s alright.
Nothing stands out about it, and the kids that they’re giving focus to over the traditional gang are pretty annoying.

Quibbles here and there.


Jughead #1 Preview!

Henderson is just…the worst.
Awful. So awful. So terrible.