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Archer - Season 9: Danger Island


Here’s a quick interview with Amber Nash where she talks about Pam becoming Dreamland’s Poovey





Is anyone else standing in a cranberry bog of blood, or is it just me?


That got a lot darker than I expected. Good season.


Yeah, I enjoyed it overall, with a nice noir ending to boot. Archer’s farewell to Woodhouse was very moving, possibly the most honest the character’s ever been.

Also, psychotic Terminator Barry is the best cyborg Barry, though I still far prefer his pre-cyborg incarnation.

In conclusion, I give Dreamland a 4.


Mmm, maybe next season instead of the past Archer can coma dream the far future… Space Archer.


He’s been in space already.


I know, I love the space pirates episodes… but I meant something more sci-fi, with aliens, future alcohol, etc :wink:


Western Archer, This will trasform the serie in a exploration of Genre.

Sort of…


I loved the ricocheting bullets myself. Lana as T-man and Krieger as actual nazi scientist were my other favorites


I would have flipped the last two scenes in the finale. It was odd ending on Poozie, a character that isn’t even real, rather than Archer. I didn’t find his grave side speech particularly emotional honestly, or at least no more so than any other time the shows tried to be emotional.


Archer: Danger Island