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Archer - Season 9: Danger Island


YES! Len Trexler! Non-cyborg Barry!

And, uh, white Lana?



Archer is back tonight… off to watch it.


I thought the ratatat of noir dialogue really lent itself to Archers style of humor. The inclusion of WWII PTSD was an interesting addition. Overall I thought this was a great start and a better move than Archer PI.


Yeah, I really enjoyed that. I was kinda surprised there was any sort of framing device showing Archer in the “real” world, but the reimagining of the cast inside Archer’s dream worked very well, and as @Rory noted, the PTSD bits were really well done.

That was Dafydd from the Welsh episode as the heavy in Dreamland, wasn’t it?


I thought it was very well done, but it could have been funnier.


I’ll forgive a general lack of gags for Archer doing a Woodhouse impression one last time.


That was my issue, too. A lot went into setting up the season at the expense of jokes.


Oh, and I’m not seeing things, am I? They have lightened Lana’s skin in the dream world?


No they definitely have.

I presume it’s for reasons of historical accuracy (as black lounge singers in 1947 were only common in Jazz clubs, which tended to be mostly black anyway - Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald are probably the few exceptions that prove the rule). That said, there’s no real reason to go for historical accuracy, given it’s all just a coma dream .


I can’t wait for Archer to wake up and explain to Lana that she was white in the dream. Bound to happen, right?


Yeah - I think they’re setting up joke.


besides being white, did anyone else think Lana’s hands were smaller in the dream too?:grin:


The AV club review of the episode noted that dream-Pam is only ever called Poovey, and there’s some ambiguity as to whether she’s actually a woman (or if she’s a woman pretending to be a man) - Archer saying “damnit Poovey, I’ll kick you right in the -genitals”, for example. It could be that the dream versions of Archer’s closest friends are more a reflection of how he sees them? Pam’s gone from being a fuck buddy to his best friend - her gender is less important to him now, and his vision of a lighter skinned Lana may be related to the time he called her a Quadroon, with the implications that has towards his vision of heritage.


I more or less assumed this was the case.

It’s also worth noting that Malory is in a position as both his boss and “mother”, but is competent and less cruel.

Krieger is a drug dealer and Figgis is in a position of authority over Archer, but an undeserved one.

Of course, that’s just inferences drawn from the first episode and nothing concrete - but the series might present an interesting opportunity for psychoanalysing the main character.


I don’t think he called her a quadroon; he said their kid would be one.

I’m guessing they’re going for a Devil in a Blue Dress thing with Lana, with her passing as white.


(Ray called AJ an Octaroon when she was born)

Although, also Lana is much lighter skinned in that clip than she would be later in the show.


Thus far, I give this series a 4


Out of 5?