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Archer - Season 9: Danger Island


Only eight episodes a season (rather than 13), but yay!



We also know that the PI theme will continue next season.

I wouldn’t mind returning for some good old espionage action for the next two.


17 Times Pam Poovey Was The Real Hero Of “Archer”


In all honesty, they could have just listed every episode, because Pam’s that good.


Just like cocaine!


‘Archer’ Picks Up First Outstanding Animated Series Emmy Win



Was it a coincidence that the first season to be set in LA is the one that gets the Emmy? I think they should write something mentioning this in an upcoming script. There are a lot of rumors about that say Hollywood is very self-referential, maybe the Emmy is a result of that.



@anders, this is for you:


Recognition factor: 11

Sincerest thanks!

I wonder, is it all to inappropriate to reply with pictures of… wait, no. This idea deserves a thread of its own. Tomorrow. Treehouse. Be afraid.



Ranking Malory Archer’s Most Devastating Insults


The premise for S8 has been revealed at NYCC: Link (spoilers in the URL)

[spoiler]Word of the reboot came from the Archer panel at New York Comic-Con (via IGN), as co-creator Matt Thompson explained Season 8 would re-imagine all the characters in 1947, with Sterling acting as “a private investigator on the hunt for the person who murdered his old partner, Woodhouse.” Voice actor George Coe passed away last year, leaving the character largely absent from the series.

The premise shakeup will also rewrite backstory and relationships for all of the main characters, including lounge singer Lana, while Thompson also reiterated that the series is at least thought to conclude With Season 10.[/spoiler]


That’s going to drive so many people crazy. Even if the show isn’t great, the reaction for angry internet fans is going to be hilarious.


“I HATE this but I can’t stop laughing at the show!”


How much you want to be it will all turn out to be a dream/fantsy by the end?


I’d pay cash money if the final scene of the show is Brett waking up in the shower


And then Season 9 will be another dream, this time in Victorian London… Archer Holmes, consultant detective.