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Archer - Season 9: Danger Island


The first two episodes were great!

I like how the show has evolved its characters and setting, while at the same time managed to stay true to its core concepts.

Can someone remind me, what was the last we saw of Bionic Barry?


Cheryl makes the socks with sandals really work.

Take notes, Todd!


IIRC, it was in the episode with Pam’s sister, in which they really trash him but the red light in his eyes reactivates later.


That’s the one at the farm, right?



And then gets hit by an ambulance.

In all honesty, I’d be happy if Barry never came back.


Yeah. He peaked on the Space station.

Could do with more of “Agent” Slater thou.


It’s. Just. Slater.



And a return of two of my Favorite jokes of the show so far.


Happy 420 (20th of April) y’all!!



So I’m still sorta tired of Barry, but I far prefer him as a sad sack than as someone who always gets away with screwing Archer’s life up.


Yeah I quite liked Barrybot, but was generally pretty tired of Barry.

Glad the writers tried to do something different with him.


So Barry’s birth mother is Tammy Jo Stamps. I wonder if he’s the half brother to Wendell T. Stamps from Frisky Dingo?


For the last time, Todd. Maybe!



Malory was all kinds of awesome this week. I laughed so much at ARCHER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS being written on the wall, and her agreeing.


@Lorcan_Nagle, do you have mole’s blood or vole’s blood? I forgot which.

I was laughing the whole episode. I loved Krieger and his look.


It was highly highly funny.

How about Rico not-Suavo!

Probably the funniest episode of Archer i’ve seen in ages - and Krieger was gold.


Wait, when do I start negging her?