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Archer - Season 9: Danger Island


dang. There had been a lot of speculation that he was in poor health given how little Woodhouse has been in the last two years.


Was looking on UK Netflix yesterday and saw Archer season six will be on it on the 15th of October. Good timing for me - right in the middle of my October holidays.


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No Malory? For shame!


No. Instead, more Pam!


I know right?
I was really hoping for some whiskey-infused milf hand-bra action. Guess not.






Well now I want to go make toast.


Here we go…


…and all that is left is some titanium gears and a shitty weave



Love the new shilouette interstitials too.


His name is Furlock Bones


The Charlie’s Angels homage was great.



Also, next week better be Cheryl/Carol’s search for the Figgis Agency’s leather-bound ship’s registry, or I swar to god I’ll mutiny.


Watching the first episode of the new season now.

OMG it’s good


Just going to point out, Archer mentioned Myrtle Beach being a pain last week, look at the location the ‘photos’ of Pam @Todd posted upthread were ‘shot’