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Archer 1999

So, insane easter eggs ahoy in this year’s archer:

Also, the last couple of weeks have been pretty excellent. Lana’ incandescent rage this week was amazing to behold.

I liked that this week’s episode had the story credit of “Story inspired from a Rousing Tale by Matthew Rhys.”

And here’s the story behind that…

I Am Sterling Archer, and I Am Here to Improve Your Spring-Travel Plans


I’ve been following the easter egg thread on Reddit, which has been pretty rewarding.

This season has been really good.

"Shits and giggles…

…and screams."

I love Cheryl/Carol.

Archer doing Fantastic Voyage… :smile:

Can’t believe we only have one episode left of this season…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Archer Vice, but this year has been fantastic. Krieger’s rant was amazing this week

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Agreed. I missed the more “spy” stuff last year.

Only one episode left of this season… I want to cry really.

I’m a sexual being. If this shocks you, so be it.

I was so going to frag you, Lorcan.

My favourite bit was probably Cheryl/Carol’s tungsten knitting needles being set up as a Chekov’s gun that never got fired.


(Lorcan, I saw this picture and thought of you. I hope you can put it to good use.)


I didn’t like this final 2-parter as much as the rest of the season, but I did like how it ended. The fate of Dr. Kosack was funny in a sick way, and then Archer’s rallying speech at the end was unexpected but totally believable. Can’t wait to see what the new status quo is next season.

ok when i read this post from Frank Quitely to Mark Millar
Thanks very much all of you”
All I can think is


Really enjoyed Archers more human moment’s. But feel Cyril was underused this season.

George Co, actor who played Woodhouse, has passed away.

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RIP Woodhouse